Recently, I've mentioned that there's been something going on that I haven't been ready to talk about. I wasn't sure if I'd ever discuss what has happened to Stacy on the blog because it is very personal and it was and is ultimately her decision if it should be shared. Many of you now know, as Stacy shared it yesterday.  For those that don't, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 6th. She is a beautiful, VERY funny, smart lady who is also a wife, mom, daughter, sister, niece, and friend to many. 

Since the diagnosis, she's been extremely positive and her family and friends have rallied around her. Big time - it's been awesome to see! Within hours of the diagnosis, many of us were together and we all agreed - it's time to go on the "cancer diet".  For those that know us, we went right to work! Research and articles galore. I immediately emailed Krista because I knew that her father-in-law, Milt, is an expert on clean eating and sends Krista research on almost a daily basis. In addition to that, Krista's dear friend was recently diagnosed and I know they had been article-sharing like crazy.

Since that day, Stacy has blown me away with her diligence with the cancer diet. It's incredible to see her strength and positivity... truly inspirational. 

And so, why am I sharing all this? I spoke to Stacy on Saturday and we want you all to know what we have learned in this very short 1 month and 4 day time period. In addition to that, I'm going to bring back article-sharing on the blog. I haven't been doing it much lately, but, this will now be a zone where you can find multiple articles on clean eating, sugar-free diets, food, recipe ideas, anti-oxidant rich foods, and much more. The first thing you need to know: Sugar feeds cancer. Cancer can't survive without glucose. So, if you cut glucose out of your diet... guess what happens? It starves the cancer. Told you sugar is the devil...grrr.

Isn't it kind of strange that just a month or so before Stacy's diagnosis I had started the sugar-free challenge and was already getting used to eating more healthy than ever before? Interesting how things work out sometimes. The reason I am saying this is... as healthy as I've been for years, it's still been really hard to cut out the after-dinner frozen yogurt, cereal, jam, yogurts, and chocolates. For Stacy to stop cold-turkey, is amazing. (oh and PS she looks amazing)

So to kick off the article sharing... here's a few goodies to get you started:

1. Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Cancer Recovery 

This article explains how a ketogenic diet (diet based on healthy fats & proteins ((aka NOT Atkins, peeps)) can starve cancer. It also discusses the importance of Vitamin D, sleep, stress reduction, and exercise.

2. Is there a way to exploit the Metabolic Quirk of Cancer?

This article provides definitions for those of us not in the medical field and then goes on to explain and show images of how starving cancer cells of glucose, actually does starve the cancer.

3. The 12 Most Chemically Ridden Produce Items you Should Buy Organic.

Short article - the down and dirty. This list provides the 12 dirtiest veggies/fruits that you should buy organic and the 15 that are considered more clean. This article is a great place to start on a path to a cleaner diet.

For some "Simple Sherri Advice"... see the above two labels? Remember them. USDA ORGANIC means it is ORGANIC. The word "natural" means absolutely NOTHING to the government and pretty much anything can be labeled "natural". The NON GMO Project means that it does not contain GMOs. I've been getting the following questions a lot lately so I'm going to repeat it here:

QUESTION: If something is labeled USDA Organic does that also mean it's also GMO FREE? Answer: YES

QUESTION: If something is labeled GMO FREE does that also mean it's also ORGANIC? Answer: NO

That's all for tonight, my friends. I have a lotttt more articles to share so stay tuned! And, if you're religious, spiritual or if positive vibes are your thing... please send them to Stacy this week. Surgery is this Friday. 

Thanks so much and make it an awesome, less sugary, week! xo