Friday Favs_6.6.14

Yay, Friday! A short edition of Friday Favs is back! Last weekend, Rob, Rachael, Chris, Kim, Billy and I went to the Cape for a couple days. It was the perfect quick getaway and I can't wait to go back. This weekend, I'm looking forward to some sunshine and getting organized before a couple of busy weeks. Summer is upon us, my friends! Soak it up!

For those of my friends who live in Mass... you know this is THE most welcome site (especially on the first trip of the season)

The little path that led to the beach from our Cape house. O.K. Ave was the next street over - what a perfect name! Everything's ok on O.K. ave.

Rachael snapped this photo of Rob and me on our last day. We went down to test the water... it was surprisingly warmer than expected. I can't wait to dive in!

I've been all over of my smoothie game again lately. This one consists of berries, water, cinnamon, almond butter, ground flax, and chia seeds. 

Last week was Ella's 8th birthday... my mom made her favorite, carrot cake. We watched the little ones while Ella was at school - safe to say they love frosting!

Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend! It's supposed to be gorgeous in the Northeast! xo