ClassPass has arrived in Boston!

Have you guys heard of ClassPass yet? It is AWESOME.

I first heard of it through the 'fit community' of bloggers. It started out in NYC and just a few short months ago - came to Boston!

So, what is it? Basically it's a one-month, 10-class pass to some of the best fitness studios in and around the city. I love this because it provides the option to try new workouts, meet new people, and continuously challenge the body. How many times have you said "Well I'd love to do Pilates, but, my gym doesn't offer it" or "I love my studio, but, it would be nice to mix it up every once and a while". Wish granted, folks.

You're probably wondering what something like this may cost... well, it's actually pretty comparable or even less than most city studios and gyms. The pass goes for $99 per month, can be paused at any time, and once again... provides A LOT of variety. There's boot camp, spinning, Pilates, barre, Yoga, flywheel, dance-fit and a lot more.

The other really cool thing that I noticed about the Boston pass is that the studios expand outside of the city - as far South as Pembroke and as far NW as Concord. There's also one in Dedham and a few in and around Newton. Seriously, lots of variety. There are 33 participating studios in and around Boston and 156 in and around NYC (whoa). 

See a full map of the Boston locations ---> here.
And, NYC locations ---> here.

If you guys have any questions  - holler at me! Over the weekend I was told that Rebecca signed up a few weeks ago and LOVVVEESSS it. (she's on vaca right now so I'll pick her brain later, but, I was glad to hear that)


Anyway, tonight I checked out C2 Pilates in Southie, I took the Pilates Athletic Conditioning class on the reformer with Eliza. Now, I used to teach mat Pilates, but, holy mother of pearl this was WAY different. That device everyone is sitting on above turns into a sliding machine of agility and balance... then, add a trampoline to the end of it to do jumps that burn, baby, burn. Let's just say, I was really challenged. As someone who usually feels pretty confident in a workout class, I was making mistakes left and right. Man, it is totally different than anything I've ever done before and thankfully, Eliza was there to help with every move. She taught the whole class standing up and walking around to really ensure we were all in the correct positions. All of a sudden the class was over and I wanted to do more. I'm really excited to check out another class there (I think I'm going to try barre next!)

As I check out more studios, I'll be providing more reviews. Where do you guys think I should go next? Have you tried ClassPass? What do you think? I'm REALLY interested.

It's almost Thursday, my friends! Have a great rest of the week. xo


(ClassPass did provide me with a complimentary one month membership after speaking about my interest in the program. I am not paid to write posts and as always, options and reviews are my own :) )