Hello my friends! So I know I've talked about NBGNO a lot on here after attending the "Self Expression" event in the Summer and then hosting the October event in collaboration with Komen. This last event took place at the Westin Copley and the theme was "Staying fit While Traveling". Caroline and I hosted and it was a freaking BLAST! Did you know that the Westin has a partnership with New Balance? So, when you visit ANY Westin, WORLDWIDE, you can borrow a kit filled with sneakers with replaceable soles, t-shirt, pants, shorts, sports bra, and socks (you can keep the socks - score!). Haha anyway, it's such a cool program and it makes traveling and working out a whole lot easier. Plus, they have mapped out running routes, in-room Holly Perkins workout DVDs, and running concierges to guide you through it all!

To get a refresher on the gist of NBGNO - check out THIS POST. This post is going to be a bit of a photo dump - there were so many cool things happening and a lot of smiling faces so I wanted to capture it all. 

So we kicked off the night, told everyone how the night was going to go (Caroline joined the run group and I stayed with the boot camp group).

I modeled the really cool roller that New Balance was kindly raffling off.

Then we split off into our groups!

Love this pic of the runners!

The boot camp was lead by THE Chris Heuisler! Don't know who he is? Read his BIO HERE. He pretty much as the coolest job in the running business. He was not only a great instructor but also, super funny!

The boot camp went a little like this ...(FYI - Lots of GLUTES)

Then, we finished - glutes burnin'. Everyone met back up and had great food (power foods also part of the Westin program - edamame pot stickers, almonds, fruit skewers, salmon toasts, & more) and BEVS - wine and beer.

My new friends!

My BFFs.

Oh, AND, there was  photo booth!

Then, it was time for Caroline and I to chat with the audience again and discuss tips for staying fit while traveling! The big ones were BRING SNEAKERS, PLAN AHEAD, FIND A LOCAL CLASS IN THE AREA, WORK OUT IN THE AM, STAY AT A WESTIN!

The below picture sums up our personalities! lol

That's a wrap, my friends! Last week's NBGNO was the last one of the year, but, I know I can speak for everyone who attends these events that we cannot wait for next year. What beats getting together with your girlfriends, working out, having snacks, drinking wine, and getting prizes? Nothing.

Have an awesome week! xo