Friday Favs_Valentine's Day 2014

I love Valentine's Day. It is one of my favorite holidays. I know that sounds crazy because it's a Hallmark Holiday and kind of superficial, but, it really doesn't have to be! I was single for MOST Valentine's Days and I still loved it! My parents always made it special when I was little by giving me candy and cards (my mom still sends me a card every year). Freshman year in college, she sent me a Valentine Voo Doo doll because I had just gone through a break-up. Ha! Also, for some reason, when I was single, my best friend's boyfriends would always do something nice for me on Vday. In HS, Rachael's ex put a yellow rose in my locker as a thanks for helping me with her surprise. Michelle's husband would write me a Valentine ecard back when they were dating. So thoughtful! One guy in College wrote me a surprise Valentine that was the cutest thing ever - I never ended up dating him, but, I held on to the card. It was so risky and sweet!

My point is... single ladies - don't let this holiday get you down!  Either ignore it or go out with your girlfriends and have a fun night. To me, it's about love all around (and candy) which can be shared with anyone. Do something nice for someone and see how it makes you feel. That is what it's all about.

Today's Friday Favs has a Valentine's Spin for everyone! Enjoy and have a GREAT weekend!


About 4 or 5 years ago, I watched Cindy Crawford make Strawberry Pie on Oprah. I haven't made it in yearsss, but, remember it being the most delicious pie I had ever tasted. This would be an awesome treat for tonight. (and pretty easy to make (for pie))

Athena's #HeartMyHealth social campaign is super cute and just the motivation you'll need to get your heart racing for the good of your health this month!

Sooo the Olympic Village is HOT for Tinder... Can't say it's a bad idea... not a bad idea at all...

I NEED to make this heart-shaped cake. It is so stinking cute and looks super easy to make. I'd probably just use a box mix, Cherrybrook Kitchen has a great one. 

And finally, a little inspiration for the weekend...

Rob and I are headed to Gather tonight... he hasn't been yet so I'm really excited! This weekend, we're off to a wedding! What are you all up to? How are you spending the weekend?