Friday Favs_3.14.14

How in the world is it March 14th? I thought it was the first week of March. Yikes.

This has been one of those ultra-long weeks. Friday never looked so good. I've been slacking on the blog game lately because there are a couple of big projects that I've been working on that I can't wait to share with you, but, good things come to those who wait. So, stay tuned!

Tonight, I'm looking forward to catching up on the Emmy-nominated movies that I haven't seen yet and enjoying some delectable little snacks... I'm thinking shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs, and either cous cous or a garlicky spaghetti to pair with the shrimp. What do you think? Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned! 

Here are my favs of the week - enjoy!

Wednesday night... Rachael, Rebecca and I had an impromptu dinner at Blue Dragon.  Oh ma gahd... Krista had told me that it's amazing, boy was she right.  It was probably one of the best meals I've had in a really long time. Ranks extremely high on my top restaurant list in Boston. We started with a bunch of the snacks, had noodle bowls for dinner (the Dan Dan and the Udon Garlicky noodles with clams were both TO DIE!), and this ridiculous chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Run, don't walk to be the next guest in line.

And this cocktail... house vodka, strawberry, & egg. I could have sucked it down in one sip - insanely delicious.

Going along with my smoothie kick lately, this article breaks down how many calories are in some of your favorite smoothie staples.

I think this smoothie included spinach, banana, blackberries, chia, flax, almond butter, & cinnamon.

I think this smoothie included spinach, banana, blackberries, chia, flax, almond butter, & cinnamon.

Some of my favorite food combos are on this list via Lauren Conrad's site. Especially avocados and tomatoes and the egg/banana snack. (This image is from my Rosemary Salmon post)

In a few weeks... I will be escaping the cold with Mandy & Kiley in Riviera Maya. Celebrations all around!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day and as a reminder to chill out when things seem hectic (advice I need to give myself right now)... I share with you this... 

Enjoy the weekend and have a blast! xo