Winter Blues Recovery

Every single ounce of small talk I've had this week with neighbors, coworkers, cashiers, & gym-goers has has revolved around this weather. The consensus is... We've had it!

Well guys, sorry but, it's New England and it's still Feb so we have at least a month left of cold weirdness and random snowstorms to deal with. Ugh! But, I've decided to dump a bunch of images into this post that make me happy. Hope it cheers you all up - plus, we're two days away from the weekend - can I getta hand clap!?!

Maybe make a plan to do this, this weekend? Building an indoor fort, eating pizza and watching VHS tapes is more of a winter activity than a summer activity so it enjoy it while you can!

Gimme this Boston... now.

Do you guys do this when you oversleep? Because I do.  Like Kate Upton zero gravity leap into thin air. (I mean, kinda like that)

Donuts. That is all. <3

I want these Bostons, too. Immediately.

Give me a boom box, a mixed tape, F*R*I*E*N*D*S on repeat, the running man, zach morris phones, and teen beat magazine and I'm good to go.

Elephant Shoes. 

elephant love.jpg

A reminder that there are lot of cool places to visit right here in the U S of A! (Lake MacDonald, Montana)

I want this shirt!


Tim Riggins.

Bora Bora. C'monnnn.

And finally, SAY CHEESE!


Thursday is upon us. xo