Sugar Free Challenge

So ever since I posted this blog post in early March, I've been trying harder to reduce my sugar intake. Remember this article? Woof. Sugar is so evil. I actually started a few months prior when I started feeling groggy after my yogurt/berry lunches that were always topped off with 2-3 little chocolates that were left around the office kitchen.  That's a whole lot of sugar. Even though yogurt and berries are both healthy - I had been eating flavored chobanis, dried fruit, and frozen berries. Add a couple chocolates and I was basically asking to crash.

So, I started bringing chicken that I'd make from the night before, pea pods, hard boiled eggs, baked chickpeas, beanito chips etc. I'd still eat my fruit, of course, but the center of my meal revolved around a protein with little or no sugar. Guess what happened? I stopped crashing after lunch. (what a concept! <insert sarcasm>)

Since the blog post, I've been cutting down on my nightly gelatos and I've completely removed sugar from my coffee. Guys, I used to LOVE sugar. I mean, swedish fish, sour watermelon slices, chocolate in any form... gimme. But recently (and I mean RECENTLY) I haven't been craving or enjoying sugar, as much. I still have a couple little pieces of 70%+ dark chocolate at night after dinner and I've had some dessert when I go out to eat, but, I'm no longer addicted. It's kind of a weird feeling. I mean, I thought since I removed the candies like swedish fish and sour watermelons from my diet yearssss ago, I was over sugar. What I didn't realize or pay attention to, was the excess sugar from my yogurts, milk, jam on toast, a couple chocolates here and there, etc.

So here's my challenge you... will you cut out some sugar with me? Yes, even if it looks like beautiful unicorns. Here are the rules: no excess sugar Monday - Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are ok if you go out to eat or someone bakes, etc. Cut out or reduce the sugar in coffee. No sugary cereals, soda, flavored yogurts, etc. (read your labels). 70+% dark chocolate is approved (antioxidants, baby!). My next step is to completely cut out my nightly ice cream/gelato. I've started to cut it out, but, I'm ready to go cold turkey now.

LIKE on Facebook and/or RT on Twitter if you are going to join me. Challenge ends on 5/25 (day of the Run to Remember half marathon). I want to hear how you all feel on that day. I'll be posting progress and helpful hints throughout the way. All who join will be entered to win a gift from me (fitness related, of course). 


Have an awesome week. xo