Garlicky Grilled Chicken, Spicy Parsnip Fries, & Tasty Brussel Sprouts

This meal better be good... it nearly broke my sink. Or... well... I might have. Not sure if I threw a brussel sprout or a half a parsnip down the drain by mistake, but, my sink is no longer draining. Trying every method in the book... oye... Luckily the plumber is coming tomorrow. <insert thumbs up emoji>

Anywhooosiee.... in my current stage of experimenting with brussel sprouts... I've discovered that roasting them with balsamic drizzle, walnut or extra virgin o/o, a little honey drizzle, and salt is my favorite way to enjoy them. That being said, I must admit that the standout in this dinner was the parsnips and the dipping sauce for the sprouts- super tasty.

You all know I'm horrible at measuring when I cook... especially when I'm testing something new (and this was new)... but it went a little something like this:

- Tsp Organic Mayo
- Tbs Organic Shredded Coconut
- Tbs Walnut Oil (can use evoo)
- Tbs Organic Dijon Mustard
- Tbs Organic Honey
- Salt to taste

Mix it all up and taste it... then adjust ingredients, as needed. (Ah, and I'm aware the color is ugly - it tasted delish though!)


For the sink killers.... I mean... parsnips and brussel sprouts.  Preheat oven to 375F.

Two separate recipes:

- Chop up parsnips into french-fry-like pieces
- Toss with evoo, cayenne pepper, salt, crushed red pepper, and turmeric (super spice! I take a turmeric capsule on the daily for brain health - fact.)

- Cut into halves and quarters
- Toss with walnut or evvo, salt, drizzle of honey, generous drizzle of balsamic

Bake both for about 15 minutes or so then toss them around to brown the other sides for another 10-15 give or take


For the grilled chicken... my usual marinade recipe that my mom taught me a million years ago... in case you need a refresher (it goes on EVERYTHING):

- 1-2 cloves of Garlic chopped small
- Crushed red pepper
- Lemon juice
- Salt/Pepper
all to taste....

Throw on a grill or grill pan until cooked through on both sides. Try not to cut into it! Let it rest for another 3-5 minutes before cutting into it. Keeps it juicy.

Plate and serve. This meal packs a MASSIVE amount of health. Here's the breakdown:

Parsnips: Folate, Potassium, Vitamins C & E
Organic Chicken: Protein, B3, B6, Selenium
Brussell Sprouts: (pretty much high in everything good) buttt especially K, C, A, folate, manganese
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E
Turmeric: Manganese, Iron, B6 (antioxidant & anti-inflammatory)
Cayenne: Vitamins A, E, & B6

Seriously when I say that parsnips taste like french fries. For real, they do.
Have an awesome week, friends! xo