Fresh Foam Kicks

So you've probably noticed by now that I've been testing out the new Fresh Foam 980's by New Balance. They launched on February 12th and I've been wearing them for a few weeks so that I could provide you all with a solid review.

I fell in love with these sneakers at first glance... they are just SO ATTRACTIVE. Super fly. 

There was a fair amount of jealousy when these arrived... Rob, a couple of the trainers at Peter Welch's Gym, friends etc. So, I started testing them out... first to a couple classes at Peter Welch's and then for a couple outdoor runs. (Weather has been stupid cold and snowy so it's been hard to sneak in a couple runs)

I was a little hesitant to switch from my other running shoes because I am SO loyal to them. Plus, I have this chronic issue where my ultra-high arches collapse and it's been irritating me lately.



Holy Smokes - they are SO comfy and SO springy! It took me about 2-3 times to get used to the fit with my weird, narrow, high-arched feet, but, the last week and a half I've been wearing them to boxing and I love them. 

So what do I like best about these fly kicks? Brian, one of the trainers at Peter Welch's, is CONVINCED I am a faster sprinter since I started wearing them. He has said it to me about 3-5 times. I have to be honest - I feel like I'm flying in these things. The foam is just so springy so I do feel like a gazelle... not that I can prove I'm any faster, but, I would say that these are GREAT training shoes for sprints. I think they are more meant for long distance running, but, coming from someone who used to be a sprinter - these would be great to train in. I also liked them on my longer runs - so cushiony and comfortable - what's not to like?

Speaking of Peter Welch's Gym... I haven't provided a workout post in a while so let me just tell you what these sneakers go through and how they feel. In Brian's class today we...

...warmed up with jump rope for 4 minutes
...ran around the room doing alternating sprints and calisthenics for 6 mins
...shadow boxing for 6 minutes
...partner up on the bag then hit all jabs then all crosses then free style, repeat, 12 minutes
...switch off with your partner from floor to bag (where I took these photos) squats then squat thrusts, shadow boxing, flutter kicks, etc on the floor and then free style, combinations, etc. on the bag, 12 minutes
...end with side shuffles and suicide sprints, 6 minutes
(I might be a little off with the minutes - just picture a bunch of boxing rounds - long and short ones)


Brian was nice enough to take a photo of my sprints - haha he really is convinced the Fresh Foam makes me fast - I'm laughing and about to take a turn in this photo so it's a little awkward.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... this workout is the absolute best and the sneakers - they hold up just perfectly! I'm going to make it a point to start adding more PWG posts on here - it's been an ongoing request and I just need to get better at taking some photos during class. Feel like checking one out? First class is FREE. Mention you saw it on funfitflavor.

Interested in the sneaks? They are available at New Balance Boston (583 Boylston Street, Boston, MA) for $110.00. They come in a lot of other really cool colors, too.

More info HERE and a FUNNY VIDEO with Pedroia HERE.

Have an awesome week, guys! It's almost Thursday! Yippee! xo

Disclaimer: New Balance did not compensate me to write this or any post. They did, however, provide me with the pair of Fresh Foam 980's seen in this blog. Opinions are honest and all my own - that's why I tested them for almost a month. :)