#12DaysofFFF Day 3

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you ready for Day 3 of #12DaysofFFF? This one may SOUND like a no brainer, but, you'd be surprised at how many people skip out on workouts this time of year. I get it... it's crazy hectic. It's so busy and every spare moment is spent prepping for an upcoming event, or buying presents, or getting the kids ready for a school concert or play. You all can relate. The thing is... exercise isn't just important for keeping your waistline in check... it will also help keep those stress levels down. It will balance your hormone levels and boost serotonin. Bottom line: it's important, folks.

So, since I'm telling you that I'm aware of the stress... how can I possibly ask you to keep your workouts in-check? Plan ahead. Look at the upcoming week and figure out the days that you can sneak some in. Maybe you'll have to get up a smidge earlier or do a workout DVD later at night. That's ok - you'll feel so thankful that you did it once you finish. And getting back to that waistline... oh how it will thank you!

As I continue with this #12DaysofFFF series, I'll start adding in some quick workouts that you can do anywhere. Simple and effective moves that don't need a heck of a lot of concentration or agility. Remember, Day 1 was #MOVEMORE, DAY 2 #BALANCEDEATING, and DAY 3 #MAKETIMEFOREXERCISE. Days 1-3 are your foundation for a healthy & happy holiday season. Stay tuned for more updates on how to tie it all together. Have a GREAT Thursday!