Catching up...

Oh boy Oh boy! Where do I begin? So sorry for the hiatus. Let's consider this an extended version of "Friday Favs" since I've missed the last two! It's been a busy couple of weeks. I said goodbye to my friends at Crabtree, went on vacation, and said hello to my new friends at Legacy Place. My first day in the office was today and I am BEYOND excited! BEYOND.

Also, can we talk about this weather and the long days? I'm so happy I could squeal.

So, here's "two-week favs":

My friends at Crabtree threw me the most thoughtful going away party. It was funfitflavor themed. Talk about overwhelming....They all made recipes either from or inspired by funfitflavor. I was so moved.

Talk about yummy and healthy!!!

Then... it was time for a fun night out with the crew.... We kicked things off at Andres and Rebecca's new place with beautiful views of the city. So much fun!

Then... vacation time with Mandy and Kiley! YAY for nice weather and no responsibilities!!!!! 

Representin' the Sox and polka dot bikinis!

The most amazing Mexican birthday celebration.


Finally, when I came home... it was all about Jenn & Brett. My cousin and future cousin-in-law at their shower! Doesn't Jenn look like a model? So pretty and happy! She's going to be the most beautiful bride and Brett will be such a strapping groom! I'm so excited. 

Finally.... I have a fun little project coming up this weekend for the Komen/New Balance partnership, Lace Up 365. Remember, any time you work out - you can dedicate your workout with a photo and hashtag #laceup365. This program provides awareness of survivors 365 days a year - not just in October. Stay tuned for deets!

And remember... you are an expert. You may not even know it yet :) Have a great week xo