AMRAP & Protein Energy Balls

So, I've mentioned before that I typically like to save Thursday as a 'rest day'. That didn't work out today because we are heading up to Maine tomorrow (yay!) which means that I likely won't get much of a workout in over the next 2 days. Tonight, I needed to pack and make some treats so I wanted to do something quick. I don't "do/take" crossfit, however, I do like some of the body weight AMRAP workouts that I see posted. I think they are effective since you end up pushing yourself pretty hard for a short amount of time. It works for me because I have a # of reps that I want to get in, in my head so I tend to push it. I modified one that I saw on Pinterest. And, as mentioned on fb, my main goal was getting a good workout as quickly as possible so I called this "Get-this-workout-over-as-fast-as-possible-so-that-I-can-finally-have-a-glass-of-wine-AMRAP". 

After I finished this, I quickly posted it on facebook and marched into the kitchen to make protein balls. We MAY go hiking on Saturday, so I think it'll be a fun treat to have. Plus, this recipe was stupid-easy.

I subbed in maple syrup for honey because that's what I have in my kitchen AND maple syrup has more anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties than honey so I think it's a better option. 

As stated, mix the almond butter, cocoa, vanilla, and maple syrup.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix it all together. I only needed 1 tbs of warm water.

Refrigerate for an hour and then roll into balls. Place into a sealed container and refrigerate again. Done and done!

These have a nice chocolatey flavor that isn't too sweet. The ingredients are awesome! Anti-oxidants, fiber, protein, vitamin E, omegas, etc. Much better and cleaner than buying a protein bar at the store! Enjoy and have an AWESOME weekend!