What's in my bag?

What is it about those magazine articles that reveal "what's in my bag" so appealing? I guess we are all a little nosy by nature, right? I would say the other reason they are a 'must read' is because we are looking for some cool things to put in our OWN bags. Anything that makes our lives more organized, healthy, and prepared, right? So, today I'll show you what's in MY bag (or my POCKETBOOK as we from BOSTON say). I can 100% guarantee you that this post will look completely different in the summer so I'll re-post again once the warm weather hits.

The vehicle: This Madewell brown leather bag that I bought for myself last fall. It is one of my favorites and goes with EVERYTHING. I'm actually super practical when it comes to pocketbooks (er, bags) because I don't really like to switch them out much. I know, so odd for a chick.

Here it goes, from the top:

1. Hand cream
2. Black driving gloves
3. Red marker pen 
4. My favorite new wallet
5. Glasses case
6. Random pencil, probably from a tasting event
7. Work cell phone
8. Hair elastic
9. Ginger chew
10. Tiny hairbrush
11. Eyedrops
12. Work keys
13. Eyeglass cloth
14. 12,745 lip glosses and chapsticks
15. Another pair of black gloves
16. Personal keys

Some explanations...
1. I am the Marketing Director at a large, outdoor lifestyle/shopping center. I wear gloves every single time I step out the door (which is often) so that's why there are two pairs. It's necessary.
2. My PWG tag gets more use than most things in this bag. 
3. I rarely reapply my lip gloss/stick, but, for some reason there is always a minimum of 7 in my bag

1. These are actually Rob's eyedrops (he wears contacts), but, I usually always have a bottle in my bag. They are an instant beauty boost.
2. This mini brush is essential for when you have an after work meet-up or event.
3. Ginger chews are so necessary. They help soothe an anxious stomach (think, gingerale) and they are also little sweet if I have a craving.
4. Hair elastic. Need. Always.
5. I think this pencil is from a beer tasting, not sure

6. This is my work cell. I used my personal cell to take the photo. I get this question a lot... "Why do you have two phones?" Answer: I am in Marketing, I run 7 social media accounts and my email inbox is kind of crazy. It makes it much easier to keep it both separate. Especially with a blog.
7. Marker pen... I like using these pens for cards so I like to be prepared.
8. Crabtree hand cream. When I worked at Crabtree, Krista and I actually executed everything about this cream. The fragrance, the packaging, the size of the bottle, everything (except for the name, which is a different story for another day......-___-........) Anyway, it's one of my favs and it's so essential. I use it probably 5 times a day, in and out of the cold. 
9. The other pair of gloves!

That's what's in my purse today! Some missing items would be random vitamins and ibuprofren. I usually have both. What are the essential things in your pocketbook? Um, bag.