Please Enjoy Thanksgiving

Hello my friends! I hope you had an excellent weekend. Mine was fantastic and full of birthday celebrations! I'll tell you all about that tomorrow because tonight I want to talk about something else. 

As it always happens right around this time of year, there are multiple articles and TV News stations shouting at readers and viewers to basically "BEWARE OF FAT" during the holiday season. Now, while some of these are well-intended, I think many are simply created to fill a story or keep up with competitors. The advice given can often be either completely unattainable or will result in the most boring Thanksgiving ever and will leave you feeling like this:

Some articles and advice I've seen:
"Lose the bread, Keeping the Stuffing" Que?
"Healthy Thanksgiving: Low Carb Mashed Potatoes" What in god's name is a low carb potato?
"Your Day After Thanksgiving Detox Plan" I'm sorry, did you go on a 7-day Dorito binge during Thanksgiving week? And, don't even get me started on the girl in the image of this article. She looks like she just lost her puppy.

Thanksgiving is one day in a whole year. Are you a healthy person? Do you take care of yourself? Eat healthy most of the time? Exercise?
Guess what?! One day is NOT GOING TO DERAIL YOU. 

I don't want to come off as a negative Nelly because I do believe that there can be some really sound advice out there. But, please don't let these articles scare you into thinking that you're doing something wrong by enjoying food on Thanksgiving. Don't punish yourself after eating. Everything is fine. If your grandmother makes the best stuffing in the world, why would you ever "opt for a lighter option". I'd surely hope not, as you may look back and kick yourself for not enjoying it. If you love mashed potatoes, enjoy! I eat mashed potatoes approximately 3 times per year and you better believe that I am eating my mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day.

So, there are some healthy practices that I follow...

First, I eat my favorite foods first and ignore the ones I could either get all the time or don't care about. I try not to stuff myself to the brim... it's not a competitive eating contest. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Also, I typically get in some sort of exercise...

And lastly, to re-iterate the obvious... I am healthy most of the time, Thanksgiving is just one day.

I hope you all have an awesome day with family and friends and be thankful that there is FOOD ON YOUR PLATE, a roof over your head, and loved ones to surround you.


PS: I like Friends.