30 Things I Learned before 30

Last week, I celebrated my 30th Birthday with my closest family and friends. A lot of people have asked me "how I feel" and to be honest, I feel pretty good. I think 29 was 'harder', but, now that 30 is here - no big deal. I look back on my twenties and have no regrets and am excited for the next decade. With that, I bring you 30 things I've learned in my 30 years... obviously just a snap shot of some of the top learnings that stand out in my head. Some things, I learned when I was very young and some things, took years to learn. I know that this list will grow exponentially over the next 10 years, but, here's what I got now!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with family & friends! xo


 1. If you feel like you are forgetting something when you walk out the door, you are.

2. "Sleeping on it" is always the best way come up with a solution to a problem.

3. Depriving yourself of certain foods, is a recipe for disaster.

4. Overthinking gets you no where.

5. Hard work does pay off.

6. Party as much as possible in your early twenties - you'll be in your late twenties (and tired) before you know it.

7. If you're unsure - ask yourself to 'do the right thing'.

8. Don't travel on a plane without water, eye drops, a hearty protein bar, a scarf (doubles as pillow/blanket), and anti-bac.

9. Your best friends bring out the best in you, and you, them.

10. Your parents/family will always be there for you and care about you more than you know.

11. Thank you notes are an integral part of life. Write them.

12. If a guy likes you, you will know it. No questions, no wonder, no advice from friends needed.

13. Eating a small dessert every night, will not make you fat.

14. Do something that you love to do, every day.

15. For every 2 new pieces of clothing you buy, donate 1 (or more).

16. Physical clutter is mental clutter.

17. Don't surround yourself with people who have bad attitudes. It might rub off on you.

18. Know that taking a vacation from work, is necessary for your health, and actually, to be better at your job.

19. There is always something to do.

20. Know how to use minimal makeup to make you look and feel beautiful. Trendy makeup is just a coverup and not attractive.

21. Find an exercise you love to do, so that you do it. 

22. Always, always, always pay more than the minimum on your credit cards, ON TIME. It's the easiest way to have a great credit score.

23. Don't ever let anyone rent space in your head for free.

24. Every human you see in a magazine is photoshopped. Relax.

25. Eat real food. Food is not the enemy, fake food is.

26. You can let a bad day bring you down or you can choose to be in a better mood.

27. Be humble and greet people with a smile.

28. Before you make a judgement call on a first impression, realize that person might be going through something extremely difficult. A second chance is worth it.

29. You can learn from younger friends and older friends.

30. Your gut, is always, always, always right. Listen carefully.