Best Hummus Ever.

Lately, I feel like I have SO MUCH to blog about (meals I've made, articles I've read, I have a Peter Welch's Gym post that's been sitting in my queue for over a month now... it's written, all it needs is pictures (sorry guys!).  This recipe is the absolute BEST hummus recipe out there. And, it is SO healthy. In fact, I've made it twice in the past two weeks and forgot to take appropriate pictures both times so I had to piece them together. Anyway, my point is... I'll try to be a better blogger.  More than one post per week - ok? Ok.


Moving on... my mom (nickname Bambi) has been making this hummus recipe for yearssss. She sent it to me via snail mail a few years back so that I would start using the food processor she and my dad got me for Christmas. 

Simple stuff. Gather ingredients, throw into food processor and you're done! If you're like me - you probably go through vats of hummus a week... Why not just make it? Save a little dinero.

The lemon to hummus flavor ratio is perfection. 

We always drizzle it with extra virgin. Serve with pitas, carrots, bread, gmo-free corn chips. Whatever vehicle you prefer, my friends! Bring it to a holiday party this year!

Enjoy and have an awesome week! xo