Bikini Beach Prep Part 3

Summer officially starts on Friday - WHOO HOO! Bikini season is in full force! I'll have tips all Summer.  Parts 1 and 2 you can find here and here.  Onto the next... 

1. Interval Training: Sure, you feel like you're doing your part by going for a run, bike ride, or churning that elliptical. Eventually though, your body gets used to the same old routine. An easy way to mix it up is to add in some interval training. Not only does it increase your cardiovascular health - it also has been proven to burn fat more efficiently.

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate interval training into your workout:

a. On the Treadmill: Run/Jog at a comfortable pace for two minutes, sprint for a minute, run/jog for two, sprint for one. Repeat this for a half hour. 

b. Outdoor Run:  Run/Jog to one telephone pole (or tree, or house, or whatever else), sprint to the next, run, sprint.

c. On the Elliptical/Bike: Move at a medium pace for one minute, then turn up the resistance (you'll look and feel like you're moving in slow motion - that's ok) do that for two minutes and repeat cycle for a half hour.

d. At Home or Outside: Run up a flight of stairs 5-15 times (depending on your level) walk or jog for a minute repeat until you finish the set of 5-15. 

Tell me how different you feel at the end of this workout compared to your regular routine.

image (8).jpeg

2. Quit Eating Processed Foods... For Good.   

Here's the deal. Processed foods are laced with flavor enhancers (glutamates - or almost anything on the label that ends in -ATE). Studies have shown that these flavor enhancers BLOCK your leptin hormone (HUNGER HORMONE) which is why you keep eating and never feel satisfied when you eat these foods. Crazy, right? More on this subject here.


3.  Don't Ignore Cravings, just be Smart about it  

This is something that took me a long time to learn. If you are craving chocolate or chips or something else that you don't think you should have while you're trying to get in bikini shape, ignore the craving for the day. If you are still craving it the next day, have a small portion of whatever it is - the real version - not the fat-free-preservative-laced-gross kind. You'll feel satisfied and will have a clear head. Being healthy isn't about punishing yourself or depriving foods you love. Everything is ok in moderation, just watch your portions.

I had been craving ice cream for a week when I finally had this serving.

I had been craving ice cream for a week when I finally had this serving.

Have a great weekend - enjoy the weather and most importantly - be confident! xo