Bikini Beach Prep Part 2

90 degrees in the Boston area this weekend... how's the bikini prep going?  Second installment is here to help! (Part one is posted here.)

1. Replace carb/candy/granola-protein bar snacks with fruit. Snacking is an important part of your diet. I'm a 3pm snacker.  Some prefer a mid morning snack and an afternoon snack. Whatever your schedule calls for... snack with fruit, vegetables, or a handful of almonds. I have a rule for myself... if I think I'm hungry for a snack... I ask myself if I want a banana or an apple... if I don't... I must not be that hungry. It tends to work. Now, I have nothing against quasi-healthy snacks such as pop chips, hummus/pita, etc., however, during bikini prep... I aim for fruit.  The complex carbs keep me energized for workouts and the calorie content is low.  Munch on...


2. Keep gettin' yo lift on. Here are my 'Moves of the Week'

1. Squat Thrust: Gets your heart rate up and works pretty much all of your muscle groups.  Do these periodically throughout your workout.  Try 10 at a time and then build up from there, adding 2-5 more at a time.

Instructions: Jump up, Squat down, Jump out into plank, Jump back to squat, Jump up.

2. Planks: Works your entire abdominal, quads, shoulders, chest & more. Keep your hips tucked (butt down) and aim to hold for a minute, then add 10 seconds at a time as you get stronger.

3. Medicine ball abs twists (if you don't have a medicine ball you can use a free weight or even nothing.  Try and touch the ground with the ball/weight on each twist)

bikini 2 j.jpg

Pro Tip: Try taking selfies of yourself as you workout - it really turns the burn on! KIDDING. (taking these were misery, I need a photag)

But, try turning in your planks...holding on each side (left).  As an additional challenge... lift the top leg up. You'll work more muscle groups and target the obliques. Nobody likes a muffin top.

Next, when you finish with the medicine ball twists, bring your legs from the starting position, down and then up.  Add the top half of your body to create a V-Up.


3. Make No Excuses & Mix it Up! Today, I had planned to go to boxing after work but traffic got in the way, so, instead I went for a little runski and then lifted in my living room.  If you're someone who lifts a lot, replace a day with cardio, and vice versa.  Keeping your body challenged will help torch calories.


Have a great night.  Let me know if I can better explain or give modification workouts! xo