Weekend Sunshine_9.2.13

Happy Labor Day, friends! The weather in the Boston area this weekend was humid and stormy. It didn't call for beach or boating, but, it did call for much needed time spent organizing and relaxing. I've realized the major difference between renting a home and owning a home is that it takes much longer to 'finish' each room. I've always been someone who can move into a place and be unpacked in a day. I would even have pictures hung on the walls by 7pm on the day of a move. Since owning, I pay attention to every little detail and have been taking time to update and improve the style of each room.  This weekend, I finally finished the spare bedroom. I feel so much better!

Outside of organizing, I made the most of my days by relaxing, spending time outdoors, & eating well. I must say that I definitely feel refreshed.  This rainy weekend may have been exactly what I needed. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, as well. 

image (26).jpeg

I took the day off on Friday so my mom and I made plans to go on a short little hike to a hidden beach in Plymouth.  What a cool little place! 

image (27).jpeg
image (28).jpeg

Lobster has been my favorite food since I was probably 7. That is all.

image (29).jpeg

My niece, Ella, started the second grade last week so I took her back-to-school shopping. We had so much fun - she's the best 7 year old out there! (the tooth fairy has been really good to her lately ;) 

image (30).jpeg

Last night, dinner in the North End kicked off with this delicious bevy...  "L'aperitivo" {Hendricks gin, Aperol, orange juice, splash simple syrup, topped with Prosecco}. Yum.

image (31).jpeg

 ... And, a little detox water to close out Sunday night. Muddled mint and frozen blueberries.

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Here's your motivation for the week.  When you live a healthy lifestyle, there is no diet, no deprivation, exercise consists of what you love doing, happy moments are appreciated, and a positive outlook keeps everything steady and balanced.  Being motivated is just another habit.


Make it a great week! xo