Weekend Sunshine_7.21.13

It's been realllly hot here in the North East this past week.  Very tropical. Not sure what all the complaining is about, Summer didn't really start until July 1st this year.  It rained most of May & June... I'll take a week in the 90's - bring it! Plus, it's New England... extreme conditions don't last forever. It's  b e a u t i f u l  out today! Here's how I embraced the heat! 


Drinks around Fenway on Friday night.  Our famous Citgo sign... I'm such a tourist in my own city.  

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Running outside didn't happen much this week so I took advantage of the weight room upstairs at Peter Welch's after class to extend my workouts. I love this weight room - everything you need - no frills.

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Hot weather is the perfect excuse to order ice cold oysters... both Friday.... & Saturday night. (Oysters are loaded with Zinc - more than any other food.  Also high in protein, magnesium, omega-3's and potassium. Low in calories & fat!)

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Here's my motivation for the week: Push harder in your workout - you are stronger than you think. Yesterday, at the end of a rather difficult boxing class... we had to hold a seated squat for two minutes straight... no breaks. Something we've done before in class, but, not really something I'd probably do on my own in my living room.  What goes through my head during 120 seconds of burning is usually something similar to... "You can do this, half way there, how else can I distract myself, 30 more seconds, you can do this, ow, ow, ow, ow....".  Our instructor was great yesterday and kept talking the whole time and said "It's just lactic acid, it's going to burn, you will walk out of here, your legs are not going to fall off, I promise". That pretty much sold it for me. So... my point... you can always push yourself harder. Remember, it's just lactic acid, it's going to burn, your legs are not going to fall off. 

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Have an awesome week! xo