Meals of the Week: Pesto

Over the weekend, I was thinking that many times I post recipes on here that use a lot of different ingredients. I like to do that to give you all some variety in your meal plans and show some creativity.  Then, I got to thinking about the comment I often hear when discussing buying organic and/or healthy foods... "It's really expensive". It is expensive, I can't deny that. That being said, there are definitely cost saving ways to eat healthy on a budget. And sooo... getting to my point... I'm going to start posting weekly meals that contain the same staple ingredients. Each meal will be really different and still show some creativity!


Alright so, guys, remember my little garden I planted back at the beginning of June? This, is how my little basil plants looked before. Now look.

photo (26).JPG

I cannot keep up.


And so, I make pesto!  I made this pesto a little differently. As much as I love me some pine nuts, I try to avoid making some recipes with nuts because 1) my mom can't have nuts so I try to modify things for her 2) sometimes I just don't have them in my fridge. Here's how I made this one:

- Overflowing handful of basil

- Clove of garlic

- Parmesan (1/4-1/2 cup)

- Extra virgin o/o (1/4 - 1/2 cup)

- Handful of chickpeas - replaces the pine nuts (another staple of the week) 

- Squeeze of lemon juice

image (78).jpeg

Last night, I made a simple tomato salad with toasted chickpeas, cucumbers, feta & pesto. Light and refreshing.

image (79).jpeg
image (77).jpeg
image (80).jpeg
image (81).jpeg

It doesn't look like much, but, it was actually rather filling with the chickpeas. I also had snacked on some hummus while I made the pesto. This is a great "Meatless Monday" meal. Chickpeas provide the protein, tomatoes have lycopene - great for recovery, garlic is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and a great antioxidant!


Today, I whipped up some barilla protein plus pasta with shrimp, baby bella mushrooms, & pesto. I was STARVING after boxing. Two days in a row of really difficult classes. Sprints, sprints, and more sprints. Sprints. For. Days. I needed some serious recovery tonight.  


- Barilla protein plus pasta

- Pesto from yesterday

- Baby bella mushrooms

- Garlic

- Crushed Red Pepper

- Shrimp (I always keep a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer) 

photo (27).JPG
image (82).jpeg
image (83).jpeg
image (84).jpeg

I think I ate this in 7.5 seconds. So good. Lots of protein from the pasta & shrimp. Carbs from the pasta. Anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants from the garlic, pesto, & mushrooms! Let me know if you need any additional ideas! Have an awesome week! xo