FenwaYoga presented by New Balance

When I was asked if I wanted to participate in the FenwaYoga event, I pretty much leaped at the opportunity. It's been a while since I've been a regular at Yoga class, but, I still really appreciate the practice and try to incorporate one short session at home, once a week. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... it's important to mix up your workout routine, AND, incorporating yoga or Pilates into the mix can alleviate muscle strain, increase flexibility, and improve posture (among other things). Plus, for me, it provides for just the right 'balance' (no pun intended) to running and my vigorous boxing classes.

This event, presented by Equinox and Anue by New Balance  benefited two of the Red Sox Foundation's cornerstone charities: the Red Sox Scholars Program and the RBI Youth Baseball and Softball Programs. The Red Sox Scholars Program provides college scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs to academically talented, financially disadvantaged Boston public middle school students. The RBI Youth Baseball and Softball Program serves more than 2,000 inner city teens each summer using the sport to promote healthy choices and valuable life-skills

Here's what I saw when I first walked in: 

Whaatt? So cool. Don't worry... I felt pretty confident in my anue by New Balance yoga ensemble. I ended up going with the one on the far right, majority vote. It fit perfectly and didn't budge during all of the movements!

Scenes from my mat: 

The Yoga Instructor, Rebecca Pacheco, aka @omgal did an awesome job! Not only is she a master level Yoga teacher, she's also a marathoner and sports lover. (Which was totally obvious because she made us say Om for the Red Sox and send them good vibes). I liked her. Cool that they had the instructors on the big screen, right? It really helped!

Side plank - nailed it!

I think I was in shoulder bridge when I thought to myself, 'how many people can say they laid down in the middle of Fenway park and looked up in the sky?' 

Look - New Balance!

And a couple scenes from dusk...

I'm sold. I need to start incorporating a more solid Yoga practice into my fitness routine more often. Plus, I can still nail a head stand so I feel like that is something I need to do on a weekly basis.

What are your favorite Yoga studios in the Boston area?

Have an awesome week... namaste! xo