Scenes from the Holiday Season

Whew... what a season! Thanksgiving --> Christmas is my favorite time of year (like most). Even though I work in retail and that can sometimes make one feel a little jaded... I just embrace it. I start playing Christmas music as early as possible (Like November) and  I put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. I do this because time just flies now... I like to make the most festive time of year last as long as possible. This year was chock full of events and activities starting with Thanksgiving, then Christmas parties every weekend and finishing up the last weekend with my 2nd Annual Mistletoe Mingle, the D'Alessandro Family Christmas Party and finally, Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! Here are snapshots of the season. I hope you all had an absolutely fabulous season and are starting the New Year out revitalized and refreshed!

First things first... Christmas Tree shopping at Lambert's with Rob.  Isn't she a beaut? I pride myself in finding the perfect tree every year.

Second... baking cookies with mom. Her famous anise cookies, my pizzelles, and a new favorite... chocolate mint crackle cookies.

Next, The Nutcracker! Da... Da Da Da Da, DA da da DA....

The Blink show at Faneuil Hall. Nothing is prettier than Boston during Christmas. Did you know that the Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree is taller than the tree at Rockefeller Center? It ranks #7, while Rock ranks #9. (85 ft. vs. 76 ft.)

Scenes from the 2nd Annual Mistletoe Mingle....

A relaxing Christmas Eve Eve... staying in and having a simple meal of seafood and garlic bread.

(For the bread: Oven at 400 - put garlic in baking dish (doesn't even need to be peeled). Cook for 45 mins to an hour and then spread on bread with some extra virgin o/o, and butter - YUM!.)

Finally, Christmas Eve & Day with the fam...

And finally... it wouldn't be funfitflavor without a little fitness... throughout all this fab food and drinks... I've continued my workouts... here's proof. My footsteps to and from Peter Welch's Gym. The Christmas Eve class had more than 70 participants!!

I'm so happy I captured all of these little moments on my phone. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such incredibly fun, loyal, and kind friends and family. Have a very happy new year, friends! xo