A take on Resolutions

I've always been one to dismiss New Year's Resolutions.  I prefer the idea of making goals throughout the year, rather than just once, at the start of the new year. Part of the reason I probably felt this way because New Year's Day is one of the most overrated holidays. The stress of choosing which party to go to, what to wear, if your date will show up, etc. I always enjoyed New Year's Eve as a kid when my mom would make shrimp cocktail and nachos and I'd try to stay awake to wait for the ball to drop. 

As I got older, I found that simply going up North with a big group of friends was a WAY better way to spend the holiday than a big Boston bar party. Which brings me to my point. The simplicity of celebrating a year that has passed and the start of a new year can be exciting if kept simple. Last year, for the first time, I decided to write down 3 goals for the new year. Attainable goals. Ones that I had already been working on anyway. I wrote them down and put them in a frame on my desk at work. One health goal, one work goal, and one personal goal. Every day, they stared me in the face, reminding me to keep my water bottle filled, double-read emails before sending, and not over analyze my social life.

I can honestly say that I've made real progress with each of these goals. So, I guess when it comes to the whole 'resolution' thing... why not make one? Maybe a couple... but, make sure they are attainable and also something that you've put some thought into. I believe in always having a goal so why not put pen to paper for the New Year and make them stick?

Wherever tonight brings you, I hope it is filled with stress-free fun!

I'll be cracking the bottle of Veuve with Rob that Andres & Rebecca gave me for my 30th. Dinner is TBD, but, may include either Lobster or Tacos. Similar, I know.

Happy New Year, my friends! xoxo