Weekend Sunshine

Sooo "Friday Sunshine" is a little delayed this week, my apologies.  This past week was long and jam-packed.  I promise to start using my 'post scheduler' so that I stay on track with my weekly themes! The theme of this week's "sunshine" is "inspiration & motivation".  Seeing that the Boston Marathon is tomorrow, it's only fitting.  I'm always in awe of the runners during the Boston Marathon, but, last year was especially awe-inspiring with the 80-90 degree heat that they had to endure.  I posted about motivation and the marathon last year here and here.

Last week, it was Billy's birthday so Kim planned a fun get-together/party at a bar just outside the city.  We haven't been together as a group in a couple months so it was great to catch up. Kim, Rachael and I sat down and immediately starting gabbing non-stop (obviously). What they might not know is that they gave me the extra push needed to do a little more with my blog over the next few months. More to come, but, thanks, dolls for the motivation ;)


Rachael also reminded me that I haven't posted a song on "Friday Sunshine" in a couple weeks.  Then she reminded me of this gem that should motivate you to get right out the door and get a sweet workout in. 

I already used this image this week in my "Grass Fed..." post, but, it's such a great photo of downtown that I had to use it again.  This run I went on motivated me to start running longer distances again.


Sometimes I have to remind my friends that there is FUN in fun fit flavor. On two separate occasions this week, my friends joked that the photos I was taking were not "funfitflavor" worthy.  On Thursday night I went to Lauren and Chris' house to catch up. Chris made this meal for us and after 11 days of super clean eating and detoxing... it was exactly what I needed.  This is definitely "funfitflavor" worthy!


Finally, this is how I like to approach every day.  Be positive, be optimistic, know that anything can happen and focus on the 'wonderful'. 

always believe.jpg

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. xo.