I lay here with a sick feeling in my stomach that hasn't gone away since I received a text from Krista at 2:56pm asking me where I was and if I was ok.  Krista was running the race... she hopped in to run with her friend for the last 12 miles.  At the same exact instant, Rebecca turned to me and said... "Why did 50 guys in SWAT gear just walk past the bar... something is wrong".  I don't usually jump to conclusions, but, Krista was running the race and texted ME  to see if I was ok.  We had already asked for the bill to check out and leave the bar so that we could go watch Krista and our friends who were running, cross the finish line.  I looked at my friends, and said, Let's go.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel as scared as I would have imagined,  mostly just sick.  I am angry.  Marathon Monday is the best day of the year in Boston.  Athletes and spectators from all over the world gather in the city that so many of us call home to reach goals they've worked very hard to achieve, raise money and awareness for charities that are close to their hearts, and in remembrance of loved ones.  How dare someone or some group try to ruin this for them.  I am angry, we are all angry, and we want answers.

I refuse to believe that this race is ruined. Now, more than ever, our city must come together, look fear in the face and say FU.  I refuse to live in fear in my home.  

Once I was home back in Southie, I went for my normal run around Castle Island and immediately ran into Janet.  We did the loop together and I stopped to take this photo as we crossed over the bridge.  Amazing how calm and beautiful it looks amongst the chaos.

To the families and friends of victims... our hearts are with you.  Let this be a reminder to all to hug your loved ones tight and be kind to one another.  There needs to be peace.

Stay strong, my friends. xo.