#12DaysofFFF: Day 2

Happy Monday, everyone!  First & foremost, I'd like to wish my sister a very happy, happy birthday... I hope that this year is full of lots of health & happiness! It is going to be a GREAT year... I can feel it! :)

Sooo... how was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was full of fun, family, & laughter! Mine was fantastic - great food, friends, fam & company. The rest of the weekend was a swirl of fun and hard work! Woof! I work in the shopping center business so I had to be up bright and early on Black Friday morning for an interview with a local news station. The work day was productive and busy (as expected) then -- Kristen & Mark made us a DELICIOUS dinner. It included lobster and champagne... I was in heaven. I worked again on Sat, we got our beautiful tree on Saturday night and then celebrated Stacy's bday yesterday and today!

This weekend was a perfect example of my next TIP for #12DaysofFFF:


Thanksgiving dinner, dinner with friends, wacky work schedule, two birthday celebrations, a christmas tree lighting. All of the above serve up A LOT of tasty and delicious food. It's ok though, guys... It really is. Here's why: Plan, listen to your body, and think to yourself "Balance". If you have a huge luncheon coming up, eat a light protein rich breakfast such as eggs and an orange. Eat a giant dinner the night before? Listen to your body... are you hungry in the morning? If not, wait a little and then have something light and protein rich. Boozey dinner and another lunch planned the next day? Stay away from the booze the next day and choose a light option. This tip is something I execute ALLLLLL the time. I choose wisely when I'm out to eat or at a party. Eat protein rich snacks first. Choose a meal that has protein, carbs, & veggies. Balance, Balance, Balance... I'm telling you - it works!

Here are some examples:

1. Pizza for dinner? Eat it with a salad. The fiber will keep you fuller and slow digestion.

2. Filling lunch? Eat a light salad OR a protein rich dinner. Example: fish with roasted veggies, grilled chicken with salad, sautΓ©ed shrimp with green beans. etc.

3. Big dinner plans? Eat a light but filling breakfast & lunch. Eggs, grilled chicken, veggies, cheese sticks, peanut butter on an english muffin, etc.

There is always room for the good stuff, just be mindful of upcoming meals and how to balance it. Remember, tip #1 was to MOVE MORE. Incorporating more movement and a balanced approach to eating are the two biggest steps to a healthy lifestyle (and holiday season).

Question of the Day: How DO YOU balance meals during busy times?

Have a great week! xo