Friday Favs 10.17.14

Happy Friday! We've been experiencing a bit of an Indian Summer here in Boston lately. It's been really lovely and a bit of a gift since the memories of last winter's frigid temps are still not far enough away for comfort. In addition to that, the foliage is just gorgeous. I don't remember having such a pretty fall last year since it got so cold so fast. It's been great! Enjoy it, my friends! This weekend, I'm looking forward to a much needed catch-up brunch session with Krista & Maddy and also spending some time with family. It's nice to not feel too rushed heading into the weekend. Plus, the temps might get into the mid 70's - I'm considering laying on the beach to soak in some rays. Ha! We'll see! 

Anyway, here are my favs of the week:

The prettiest little bouquet of 'good luck' flowers from my boss.

The appetizer I put out last Friday before dinner with Kristen, Mark, & Rob. Pretty sure I could just eat this sometimes and be completely satisfied.

I think this pic is a couple weeks old, but, I remember this martini being strong and necessary after a really long week.


The Pru lit up in an ominous sky.

A truly excellent mantra that I stole from ClassPass' instagram this week. Pretty perfect, right?

Have a fabulous weekend! xo