Weekly Workouts

Similar to "Bits & Bites", I'm going to start sharing a synopsis of my weekly workouts.  My hope is that it provides some fun ideas for you all to try! We all know it's best to have a diverse workout schedule, however, a lot of times we get stuck in the same old, same old. Mixing it up will keep you sharp, fit, and strong.

My workout regime has changed a lot over the years. Teaching group exercise multiple times a day ---> to post-college elliptical training and abs only ---> to taking group ex again ---> to running 6x/week ---> to boxing 5x/week and now... a nice mix. I've never been more confident in my fitness level and I think it's due to finding workouts I really love combined with taking more rest days, and ensuring that my workouts are diverse.

Last week:

Monday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (Brian's Class)

Tuesday: 2 mi steady run & some body weight exercises (light)

Wednesday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (Nick's Class)

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: Whipped out Tee Major's app and did body weight exercises: 2x15 burpees, 2x20 butt bridges, 20 sumo walks, 2x20 leg raises, planks with arm and leg raises, 20 push ups, and some shadow boxing for 5-10 mins. (If you haven't done so already (especially you Bryant friends) download Tee Major's new app! It has TONS of bodyweight exercises and includes his, now famous, "44 best bodyweight exercises". It is awesome!) 

Saturday: Fighter Conditioning at Peter Welch's Gym (Chris' Class)

Sunday: Rest

More recently, I've been taking about 2 rest days per week, but, last week I felt great and I had recently taken a lot of days off due to my neck injury. So, on Tuesday, instead of taking a rest day... I did a light workout.

How did you work out last week? Do tell!

Have a great week! xo