#12DaysOfFFF Day 1

Goooood evening, everyone! How are you all doing? Gearing up for Thanksgiving? I'm getting pretty excited myself. So, the busy holiday season is coming up; COOKIES, more cookies, christmas parties, cookies, peppermint stick ice cream (my fav), hectic schedules, cookies, big-delicious meals, cheese platters, brie wrapped in phyllo (omg can't stop), white russians (mmm), egg nog, espresso martinis, cookies, and dip (oh, dip). Am I missing anything? Seeing that this could potentially be an issue (I've read that some tend to gain anywhere from 1-10 lbs during the season), I want to provide #12DaysofFFF to help keep us in check! 

I promise, I indulge... I definitely do. I have many holiday favorites and there is no way I'm going to turn everything down. No way jose. BUT, I've learned to take a MUCH cleaner, smarter approach. I'll go into more detail throughout the next couple of weeks, however, I'll tell you that it's pretty much all going to revolve around moderation and balance.

So, are you ready for Tip #1?!


I can't stress enough how important it is to MOVE. Your body is made to move. Move it. Moving your body will keep you energy up, increase alertness, and improve your metabolic rate - burning more calories.

I put together the above list that can be pinned or printed as a little reminder of ways to move more throughout the day.

1. Can you squeeze in a little walk at lunch? Even a little tiny one? Even a mile? It'll help.

2. Do you have a doggy? Go play a little longer or go for an extra stroll. Again - even if it's only for 10 minutes or so. Every bit helps. Too cold? Bundle up! The very nice people at the local Massachusetts brand, Kurgo, sent me this awesome loft dog jacket for Stella. It's only $25 and it fits her perfectly. Stella had a jacket that didn't fit her very well and would fall off when we'd walk her around the neighborhood. This one fits so nicely and as soon as we put it on her - she loved it! They also sell reflective vests and leashes which I LOVE because it gets dark so early now. Isn't she so cute? (Kind of went off on a tangent there!)

Here's your coupon!

20% off dog harnesses, car seat covers and more

3. Sitting at a desk can be detrimental to your health. Set a timer to go off every 45 minutes (you'll be surprised how fast it goes by). Stand up stretch and do some squats.

4. Stay at the gym an extra 5 minutes. Just hop on the treadmill or do a weight session (squats with overhead press is a great burner)

5. Super pressed for time? Wake up 10 minutes earlier and do the set listed above in your pjs. No need to change or even put on sneakers.

How do you add in extra movement throughout the day?! Hashtag #12DaysOfFFF with your response. Would love some more ideas.

Have a fabulous week of fun and movement! xo

*I was not compensated to write this post, however, Kurgo did send me the nice, warm jacket for Stella to try out. As always, opinions are my own (and that coat is awesome!)