Life Lately_5.27.14

First and foremast, Happy Birthday to my niece, Ella, who turns 8 years old today! The sweetest girl who has brought so much love to our lives since 2006!

Ella and Jonathan, Summer 2013

So, I know I've been an absent blogger lately. There has been a lot going on that I'm not ready to talk about on here yet, but, I'll do my best to get back on track. So here's what else has been happening lately... 

Jenn's bachelorette in Miami was a blast! The weather was perfect and the company was incredible. Jenn is prettttty blessed to have such awesome girlfriends in her life.

Nights out on the town followed by days at the pool and beach equaled = fun & relaxation at its finest. I am so happy for Jenn and excited for the wedding (in just a few short weeks!). Eeeeek!

Once I got back from Miami, it was time to REALLY focus on training for the Run to Remember half marathon. Remember this race from last year? It's a pretty special one around these parts. This year, I was already in the middle of my sugar-free challenge, which really helped with my training. Besides that, I pretty much followed the plan that I did last year: long runs every weekend, boxing classes 2-3 days, and a short run once per week. What helped this year is that Rob also ran it so we were in the same boat in terms of long run days, being in pain, nights we had to stay in, nutrition etc.


To me, the best part about long runs is getting into the city and taking in the views. These are a few of the photos I took during my long runs. I would just put my arm up in the air with my phone in hand and snap a couple shots. Funny how some of these came out so good!

As I get older and smarter with training, I've learned a couple really important things:

1.) Do the plan that works for you. I've found that continuing my boxing classes keeps me strong and my endurance up. I may not run as many miles per week as most half marathoners, but, I'm injury-free, strong, and balanced.

2. Pay attention to your diet. Fuel properly. Cut back on the sugar and increase the protein intake. Your body goes through a lot during training and it needs to be properly nourished.

3. Rest days and foam rolling are essential. Listen to your body. Rest is just as important as training days. Yes... JUST AS IMPORTANT. Muscles need to recover to get STRONGER.

Finally, race day arrived and I was as nervous as I always am before the race. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:45am on Sunday morning (race began at 7am). Rob couldn't believe how awake I was, but, adrenaline was already pumping! I made a gluten free english muffin, downed my vitamins, and continued to drink water.

After my nerves settled and it was time to line up.... Rob headed to the front of the pack with the 6-minute mile crew (I know, crazy good) and I hung out at the 8/830 group. I looked down to put my ear buds in and noticed the little rubber cover that keeps the bud in my ear must have fallen off. So, (without panicking) I put my problem solving skills to work - took one of the energy gummies out of my pocket, rolled it into a ball and stuck it on the end of my ear piece and stuck it in my ear. It worked! Although it kind of blocked the sound haha

We finished! Rob completed it in 1:28:19 and in 106 place out of 7172 runners!!! He shrugs it off like it's NBD. I think he's superman.......
I finished in 1:58:47 (#2692)... my second best time. I was happy with that. Endurance-wise I felt great... My ankles though... man... for the last few long runs they start to kill at 8 miles. I've taken the last two days off. Tomorrow, I'll head back to boxing! All in all, it was another great experience. The weather was perfect for running and it's always incredible to see so many runners and police offers running for their friends and family. <3

Anyone have any races planned lately? Did anyone run the Run to Remember this weekend? How did it go for you?

Hope you all have an awesome week! xo