Protein Stuffed Peppers

So, my mom has been experimenting with some new flavors and dishes in her kitchen lately. She and I used to both equally and wholly dislike quinoa, however, we are both starting to find some recipes where we can actually not only stand, but, enjoy it. This enjoyment mainly comes from the fact that the flavor of the quinoa is masked with herbs, spices, and vegetables. It works and it's healthy so we both have been going with it. For three weeks now, she's been raving about THIS RECIPE. I finally made it last night (with a few little adjustments, of course) and I agree it's a winner. 

Instead of ground turkey, I used organic, grass-fed ground beef. I have no problem using turkey, however, I didn't have any readily available. I also used white quinoa instead of red quinoa and diced tomatoes (cooked with the meat) instead of tomato sauce. I also used Parmesan instead of mozzarella. My mom thinks the sauce is a MUST --- soooo do as you wish!

Fill and cook baby cook.

Mission complete.

Rob and I loved these little peppers! They were incredibly flavorful and JAM PACKED with nutrients and a whole lot of protein from both the quinoa and the beef. Yesterday, I brought a leftover half for lunch and it was awesome. A perfect protein/carb/fat balance. I see why my mom has been making them weekly - I might need to do the same and keep experimenting with different veggies/meats. These would also be sure to please a crowd and are easy enough to prepare in advance of a little dinner party. Enjoy and happy eats! xo