Weekend Sunshine XXXVIII

Hey pals! You made it through Monday - whoo hoooo! This weekend wasss... interesting to say the least. It started off on a high note and ended really weird. I am just thankful that nothing too serious happened. You'll see. Let's get to it, shall we? TWO WORDS PER PICTURE!

Sorrento Martini.

Close up.

Acai bowl.

Boston view.

Southie crew.

Busted tire. (Got ran off the road... I know, more than 2 words)

Long wait.

Pretty sky.

Sunday stroll.


That about sums it up! A great weekend to start filled with a date night, Kristen's shower, and southie crew hangouts. Then on Sunday, it went like this: drove to work, got ran off the road (avoided a complete disaster), busted my tire, waited all day for my car to get fixed, went back to work, got home, and then someone hit my the mirror off my parked car while we were out for a walk. Eek. Like I said though, at least it wasn't anything too serious and I'm safe. My poor car took an unnecessary beating though! Here's to much better week ahead!

How was your weekend?
Ever have two car troubles/accidents in one day?
Ever make an acai bowl? They are awesome!