Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends! The last couple of weeks have been a blur, right? It feels like Christmas was two weeks ago. This time of year is so funny.  Winding down from the craziness of the holidays, the anticipation of the new year and what it will bring, reflecting on the past year, days off from work, getting back to the swing at work... it's all very unorganized which can make me feel a little jiggy. That being said, it's been REALLY REALLY NICE to have some much-needed down time, AND, I am very much looking forward to 2015. There are a lot of exciting events coming up! 2014 was an interesting year... there were so many fantastic, amazing highs and some very stressful lows. That is life though, right? Make the best of each moment. This brings me to the theme of today's post: Look forward to every day, yes, even Monday.

This link was posted all over facebook a couple days ago and I shared it on fun fit flavor's facebook page. The point that stood out to me the most was  this: 

"How we treat our own time is an interesting reflection on how we feel about our lives. There are those days and weeks where we are just counting down to the end. We wish the day would be over sooner or the weekend couldn’t come soon enough."

This point resonated with me because I've been making a conscious effort to 'be ok with Monday" for several years now. Sure, the weekends are the best and we look forward to fun times, relaxation and hanging with friends, but, what's so bad about Monday? Why complain? We wish we had more time in the day but, then so many of us wish the week away. I've realized that embracing Monday, results in an overall happier outlook. I like Mondays because I get to kick off my week with a great workout, I get organized for the work week and plan upcoming events, sometimes I do laundry. I enjoy this balance... it actually doesn't suck, you know?
Time is precious, make the most of it and appreciate what is in front of you. This obviously applies to more than just "Monday", but, you get my point.

These are just a few of my favorite times of 2014 -- half marathon, Miami, Dennis, Newport, Portland, & of course, just enjoying where I live and appreciating what is around me.

Time for questions: How are you going to tackle 2015? Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you make a habit of wishing the week or the day away? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend! xo