Weekend Sunshine_XXI

First and foremost, I'd like to wish my dad a very happy birthday! I am so grateful to have such an amazing role model in my life. I don't know what I'd do without you, Dad. Thank you for everything!

Now... Gooood eveningggg, friends! Everyone hunkered down and prepared for Blizzard 2015?! I know I am. This past weekend was the first time I wasn't away in two weeks! The last two weekend trips have been so fun and have definitely made the winter a lot more exciting and bearable. It also makes weekends spent at home... a little bit sweeter - no cabin fever! Here's a glimpse into the sunny spots of the weekend. I hope you all stay safe and warm over the next couple of days. I'll be sure to post some at-home workouts should you wish to add that to the imminent snow shoveling workout!

On Thursday night, Rae, Janet, Becca, Chris, and I took Nathan's Yoga Class at Urbanity Balance. The class was "Candlelight for a Cause" and all proceeds benefited The Pine Street Inn. Nate taught an AWESOME class. Candles were lit throughout the room and he focused on "heart openers" which was very fitting for the theme of the class. I think we all left feeling stretched, strong, open, and warm. If you're interested in taking Nate's classes (which I reccomend) you can check him out at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge and sometimes at Urbanity Balance in the South End.

On Friday night, Rob and I met up with Lauren & Chris at one of my favorite Boston bars... Ironsides! It was SO SO SO FANTASTIC to catch up with Lauren & Chris! We had a lot of laughs, I'll tell ya!

I've been craving raspberries A LOT lately (mainly because I love berries and I eat a ton of them in the summer so I think I'm missing them hard core). Anyway, I bought a bunch of bags of frozen raspberries and made this 4 ingredient smoothie that was DEEEE-LICIOUS! Ingredients: 1 cup or so of raspberries, 1.5 tbs of peanut butter, 1 banana, & almond milk.

Saturday night, we took advantage of the 'snowy' weather and stayed in. I whipped up these quinoa taco bowls which were absolutely DE-LIGHTFUL. Rob gave them two thumbs up. Here's what I did: Cook quinoa with a little bit of taco seasoning in the water. As soon as it's done cooking, add cheese (I used grated Kerry Gold cheddar, but, it doesn't matter) and mix it up. Cook up organic, grass-fed ground beef (or chicken/turkey) in taco seasoning. Top the beef on top of the quinoa and then top with all the fixings! I love avo, jalapenos, tomatoes, and red peppers. Add some gmo-free chips for dipping and a squeeze of lime and you're good to go!

On Sunday morning, I spent some quality time with Juliet. Yes, I gave her that munchkin. Kim gave me that solid tip before I came over - win! Just love that little girl!

After that, we celebrated my dad's birthday with Rhode Island Pizza, antipasto, and strawberry shortcake. Yummmmmm!


Stay safe and warm, everyone! xo