Weekend Sunshine_8.18.13

Another perfect weather weekend here in Boston. I think mother nature is making up for the bad mood she was in, in May and June. Thank goodness.  I split my weekend between crossing projects off my 'to-do list' and catching up with the fam.  We took my nieces and nephew out for a their first boat trip and they loved it! My family has a thing for the ocean... we really can't get enough of it and we're all a little more relaxed just being near it. It makes me so happy to see the kiddos following in stride.

Last week, I totally copied Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere and made these Rosemary Butter Cookies. OMG. They are my new favorite cookie and SO EASY to make. (And, I must say they went over pretty big with their recipients)

photo (7).JPG

Friday kicked off with a nice 5-miler and dinner at Tavern Road with Lauren, Jill, & Mike. So great to catch up with these lovely ladies and gent.

photo (9).JPG

I picked my brother up on the way down to visit everyone and he greeted me with a freshly juiced GREEN JUICE!! I feel like I'm the only 'health blogger' that hasn't tried one of these power bevs yet. It had tons of green veggies (Kale, celery, cucumber, etc) in it and lots of ginger which gave it a nice spice. It was such a nice little surprise!

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Fires on the beach and sunsets.

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image (7).jpeg

The kids on the boat and then after getting seafood lunch. Love them. Look how pumped they are! 

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Alright, here's the motivation for the week: Tackle it! Be confident in your work, push a little harder in your workouts, & be kind to those around you. Remember, you are a force to be reckoned with. Have a GREAT week! xo